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Cosmetic Dentistry

We pride ourselves for making you feel as comfortable as you would in your own home. The moment you join our practice, you become part of our family!


Often, bonding is a painless option for minor teeth repairs. It is also less time consuming as it can be taken care of in one visit. Bonding uses composite that matches your tooth color, then is hardened with light.

It is usually used to:

  • To look like the missing part of your chipped tooth.
  • Used to fill up empty space, and
  • Used on a broken tooth to recondition it

Think this might be right for you? Call us today and discuss it with your dentist.



Missing teeth? No problem, we will fix that!

Bridges are made of porcelain fused to metal, also called “artificial teeth”. The bridge connects the artificial tooth, with two neighbouring crowns on each side to fill the missing gap. They are used to:

  • Fill space of missing teeth.
  • Stops remaining teeth from moving out of place.
  • Restore chewing, speaking and smiling ability.

Call us to book a free consult to find out whether or not bridges are your best option (x-rays are not included).



Crowns are designed to act as a shield, to protect and restore your tooth. Large fillings may be a temporary fix; however, a crown is necessary NOT to further damage or completely break your natural tooth.

Our dentists also use them for cosmetic purposes to cover a discolored or misshaped tooth and provide you with the confident smile you deserve.

Yes, as soon as your tooth is crowned it will enjoy the royalty!



Also called false teeth are used when your teeth are failing and you are not a candidate for implants or getting implants is not in your budget.

We offer conventional and immediate dentures. However, do keep in mind, when extracting your teeth, gums healing period is eight to 12 weeks. Therefore, if you choose an immediate denture, you might have to come in for fittings more often than the conventional ones. But at least you don’t go a day without teeth!


Porcelain Veneers

Have you ever dreamed of having that Hollywood smile? Where the alignment and colour of your teeth effortlessly match your vibrant personality? Well, that is possible with Porcelain Veneers.

Veneers are used to cover teeth that have lost their natural gleam and beauty. Also used for:

  • Reshaping disproportionate teeth
  • Repairing a chipped tooth
  • Covering discolored teeth
  • Repairing tooth degeneration caused by age
  • Hiding excessive gums

Veneers are long-lasting and will prevent any further enamel damage caused by staining agents such as smoking, coffee, or red wine. This procedure is done at BHDC, in Burlington.


Teeth Whitening

Let’s face it; those whitening strips in the market are only recommended if you have a lot of time, patience and want only one or two shades brighter than your current teeth colour.

At BHDC, we offer two whitening options:


ZOOM! Whitening

They named it ZOOM for its proven speed to whiten teeth. This process takes about one-hour and on average brightens your teeth up to eight shades! Also, it’s done in house, in Burlington, at BHDC.

We start by applying a layer of whitening gel and shining a distinct light that activates the gel particles. Those particles breakdown stains and discolorations then brighten your teeth.

While those particles are working hard, we will put on some relaxing music or a movie you always wanted to watch. Who knew a brighter smile can be fun!

We usually have promotions on our ZOOM! Call us to find out our promotion this month 905-336-2496.


Take-Home Whitening Kit

As you know, each person has unique set of teeth, mouth and jaws. These trays are extremely customized to fit your mouth and mimic the shape of your teeth.

We first take impressions of your teeth and build your customized tray, then give you the gel to put on your tray at your convenience. We ask that you leave it on for one hour, two times a week. You will see results within 2-3 weeks.

To welcome you to our family, you will automatically receive a Take-Home Whitening Kit value of $250. As an incentive to keep you on the right track to healthy teeth, you will receive one free gel bottle, every time you come in for your regular dental check up and cleaning.

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