Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges

Both crowns and bridges are teeth restorations that can fix function, speech and aesthetics and is a permanent solution to missing and damaged teeth.

Crowns cover an existing tooth that has been damaged, had a root canal, or is extremely sensitive.

Bridges are put on teeth to fill in a gap where a tooth is missing. It is a good option for a non-surgical solution to missing teeth.

At Beacon Hill, our crowns and bridges are made from porcelain or zirconia, not metal.

What Happens at an Appointment

Crowns and bridges can be discussed at a consultation. A dentist will determine the best course of action. Measurements will be taken to make sure the crown or bridge fits perfectly.

When receiving your crown or bridge, a local anesthetic will numb the surrounding area. The bridge or crown is fit to feel and act like a natural tooth.

If you would like to discuss receiving a crown or bridge, please call us at 905-336-2496 to schedule a consultation.

Evening & Weekend Appointments

We understand your busy schedule. We offer evening and weekend appointments.

Direct Insurance Billing

We can bill your insurance directly, no more waiting for reimbursements.

Flexible Payment Plans

If you’re in need of assistance, we offer payment plans for your dental procedures.

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